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About Mathew

If you took a dash of sarcasm, a sprinkle of dog obsession and a large bucket-load of humour, you’d have Mat in a nutshell.

The chief coffee-maker, office jokester and ‘Glue’ of Boost Media, Mat spends his days connecting with new clients, checking in with existing one’s and ensuring everyone is caffeinated and happy within the office.

The man behind the brand, Mat is always happy to catch up with new clients over coffee, or help troubleshoot an issue to make sure you’re kicking goals. Our resident chef, Mat will even cook you lunch on Friday if you’re in the office!

We work as a team

We searched the galaxy for our team and each member was carefully chosen for their individual talents and diverse skills that they bring to the table. Spending many hours working together has created a family environment, where our stars are aligned. We all pitch in together to complete projects and work harmoniously creating an inspiring place where creativity soars and innovative ideas become reality. Contact us today to speak of our team member.

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Our Clients

Partners for the long run.

Our exceptional clients who we have worked on numerous projects with.