What is Digital Marketing Retainer?

Embarking on your marketing journey and not quite sure which path to take? With Boost, you can sail into the world of marketing with confidence, knowing you’ll have everything you need to navigate the waters. Our Marketing Retainer package offers an affordable monthly compass, letting you explore every corner of the marketing universe. Want to switch from SEO to content marketing? No worries! With our “mix and match” approach, you can switch and swap out services as the tides change. And the best part? You get designated hours to use as you please. So go ahead, set sail with Boost and discover the endless possibilities in the vast marketing ocean. With us by your side, the horizon is always within your reach!

What are the benefits of a marketing retainer?

One Monthly Fee - access to all services

Dive into a sea of endless possibilities with our premier membership. Just as the boundless ocean teems with life, your one-time monthly fee unlocks unlimited access to a wide array of services that we offer. Whether you want to catch the wave of latest trends, immerse yourself in depths of knowledge, or simply float along the current of entertainment, our platform has you covered. So come on board, feel the ocean breeze, and let us navigate you through the waters of our comprehensive offerings. No high tides of hidden charges or stormy surges of surprise costs— just clear, calm waters and smooth sailing ahead.

20 HOURS/Month
$2,549 + GST
30 HOURS/Month
$3,327 + GST
40 HOURS/Month
$4,099 + GST

First Mate Priority & Flexibilitty

Long-Term Relationship: A retainer encourages a more committed relationship. We gain a deeper understanding of your business over time, which results in more effective strategies and better results.

Flexibility: Switch services from month to month based on your changing needs. This type of adaptability is usually not possible with service-based contracts.

Cost-Effective: The initial outlay for a retainer might seem higher, the ongoing access to expertise and the ability to utilise different services can provide a higher ROI over the long term compared to hiring for individual projects.

Holistic Approach: A retainer allows the agency to see the bigger picture of your business, helping them craft comprehensive strategies that consider all facets of your marketing efforts. In contrast, service-based contracts tend to focus on isolated tasks or campaigns.

Time Saving: With a retainer, you save time as you don’t have to continuously search for new providers for different services. This consistency allows for more efficient communication and project management

Like the sound of our digital marketing retainer?

If you’re looking to make a swift surge in your marketing capabilities, akin to catching the perfect wave, a retainer is your surfboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

A marketing retainer is a long-term agreement between a business and a marketing agency. Instead of commissioning individual projects, the business pays a set monthly fee for ongoing services, ensuring continuous marketing efforts and a dedicated team at their disposal. An average marketing retainer can be between 6-12 months.

Retainers offer consistency, both in branding efforts and budgeting. It ensures that your marketing strategies are proactive rather than reactive. Plus, the agency becomes deeply familiar with your brand, enabling more efficient and targeted marketing efforts.

With a fixed monthly fee, you can easily forecast your marketing expenses. There are no surprises or hidden costs, allowing for smoother financial planning.

Absolutely! We will tailor the retainer to your business needs, ensuring you get the best combination of services for your unique requirements

One of the beauties of a retainer is flexibility. If your marketing needs evolve, most agencies will work with you to adjust the retainer’s scope, ensuring alignment with your changing goals.

Not always. While some agencies might prefer long-term commitments, many offer flexible durations, from quarterly to yearly, to cater to varying business needs.

Since the agency becomes an extended part of your team, communication is often more seamless. Regular check-ins, updates, and strategy sessions are commonly part of the retainer model.

In the long run, yes. The cumulative cost of individual projects can surpass that of a retainer. With a retainer, you often benefit from bundled services, dedicated attention, and consistent efforts, giving you more value for your investment

The specifics vary by agency, but most contracts will have a clause detailing the termination process. It’s essential to discuss and understand these terms and conditions

If you require consistent marketing efforts, seek predictability in budgeting, and wish for a dedicated team familiar with your brand, a retainer might be ideal. Discuss your needs with potential agencies to find the best fit.

Terms & Conditions - Boost Social Retainer Agreement​

Payment in Advance: The initial payment shall cover the first two months of service, ensuring your account is always a month in advance.

Late Invoices: If your invoice is overdue, no work will commence. This includes work covered by banked hours.

Banked Hours: Clients may bank hours for future use. However, these banked hours are valid only while your account is current and fully paid up.

Forfeiture of Banked Hours: Any banked hours will be forfeited in case of outstanding invoices, contract cancellation, or departure at the end of the contract term.

Usage of Banked Hours: Banked hours may be used for work meetings, tasks, and client correspondence via email, phone, Zoom, or Google Meet. Regardless of the number of team members attending, meeting time is calculated based on a single attendee.

Discovery Meeting: The initial discovery meeting is not tracked against your banked hours.

Set Up Fees & External Costs: These are billed separately. Any costs related to ad spend, third-party fees, or out-of-home advertising are not included in the retainer.

No Advance Borrowing: Clients may not borrow hours in advance. Additional work required within the month, after banked hours are exhausted, will be charged at our standard rate.

Usage of Banked Hours: Banked hours can be applied to any internal services provided by Boost Social, excluding setup fees, ad spend, out-of-home advertising, and third-party costs.

Advance Payments: To ensure continuous service, clients must stay paid up in advance at all times.

Cancellation: A 30-day notice period is required for contract cancellation.

Late Payment Penalties: Penalties may apply for late payments.

Extra Time: Boost Social reserves the right to complete reasonable requests for tasks that slightly exceed your banked hours (e.g., an additional 15 minutes). This is at Boost Social’s discretion.

Third-Party Services: Any third-party services (e.g., ads) will be cancelled if invoices are outstanding.

By entering into a retainer contract with Boost Social, you agree to these Terms and Conditions. The client also acknowledges that excessive or unreasonable use of the services, which results in an undue burden on the service infrastructure or affects the quality of service for other users, is strictly prohibited. The determination of “excessive” or “unreasonable” use shall be at the sole discretion of Boost Social, considering the standard usage patterns and the impact on service performance.


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Our team of experts will implement the strategies and provide monthly reports.