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Outdoor Advertising (also known as out-of-home advertising) isn't a fleeting trend - it's the backbone of brand visibility.

Now, envision these impressive stats merging with the laid-back ambience of Surfers Paradise, or for that matter almost anywhere in Australia. That’s pure branding magic.

Riding the Global Waves with Top Media Collaborations

While we cherish our Gold Coast roots, Boost Social’s reach extends far beyond. We’re in
cahoots with some of the world’s leading media groups, ensuring your brand gets the international attention it deserves.


Exclusive Rates

Aiming for top-tier brand visibility on the Gold Coast without breaking the bank? Dive into our tailored social rates, designed specifically for the Australian market.

It’s not just about visibility; it’s about impactful returns. 

Advertising You Can't Scroll Past


Dynamic Outdoor Advertising Solutions

Billboard Ads

Sky-high brand visibility, ensuring your brand stands tall and proud amidst the Gold Coast skyline. 

Bus Stop Ads

Tap into daily routines and become a household name with strategically placed ads where they matter the most.

Mobilise Your Message

Bus Wraps

Turn city buses into your brand’s moving canvas.

Go Transit Media Kit - Agency

Taxi Wraps

Drive your brand message across town with partial to full taxi transformations.

Light Rail Panels

Consistent brand exposure with every commute.


Outdoor Advertising in Australia


In the bustling heart of the Gold Coast, where waves echo the tales of myriad adventures, let your brand carve its legacy. With Boost Social, Surfers Paradise becomes more than a tourist spot; it's a branding hotspot.

Embark on the outdoor advertising journey with Boost Social - where Australia's iconic beach vibes sync seamlessly with ambitious brand goals.

Boost Social's Expansive Outdoor Advertising Services Across Australia

Not on the Gold Coast? No worries! Boost Social extends its premier Outdoor Advertising (Out of Home Advertising) services throughout Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Outdoor Advertising gives you the opportunity to reach your customers while they are commuting, spending time with friends and family or just running errands. This medium of advertising provides an excellent way to target and convert your customers when they are in the vicinity of point of sale. It serves as a great canvas to showcase your brand image and new products and services. Around 78% Australians consume outdoor advertising which in turn adds value and legitimacy to your brand. 

Outdoor Advertising provides multiple options to gain maximum exposure towards your brand and product. Ensure consistent growth through multiple mediums such as outdoor billboards, buses, trams and taxi ads. Reach your target audience no matter what, whether they are stuck in traffic, waiting for a cab or bus or if they are transiting to their favourite restaurant through tram. 

Here at Boost Social, we believe that outdoor advertising is a very inclusive process with transparency at the top of it all. We maintain a transparent line of communication with you and your team and absorb your brand values and value proposition. We then initiate our outdoor advertising process and come up with strategies to ensure the maximum reach and growth of your outdoor ad campaign. With our extensive coverage of outdoor ad partners, we can bring maximum exposure to your campaign in numerous suburbs and cities all over the country. 

With over a decade of experience in branding and packaging design, we have created numerous brands and sub-brands for a variety of industries. Whether it is a B2B or B2C business, we have the recipe to make the most memorable brand for your busIness. Our vibrancy and customer-centric approach is exactly why we are the best fit for your business.


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Comprehensive Audit

We do a full digital audit of your brand online. At no cost!

Personalised Strategy

We provide you a personalised strategy that will work for your brand - not a one-template-fits-all strategy.

Implementation & Reporting

Our team of experts will implement the strategies and provide monthly reports.