Top Marketing Trends That Ruled 2023

The marketing world moved at the speed of light in 2023. New trends have emerged, while others reinforced their presence and grew even stronger. Let’s dive into the top trends that have dominated digital marketing this year.


1. Artificial Intelligence: The biggest revolution of 2023

AI opened the doors to unparalleled opportunities for marketers. With the introduction of ChatGPT in late 2022 that set off a deep change in how we think, act and perform tasks, many new AI tools have popped up in 2023, including some that write and suggest content, edit videos, create images and other media assets from text inputs and predict trends by analysing patterns. To stay ahead of the curve, many marketers implemented these tools in their strategies and 2023 has seen an average of 18% increase in reach, engagement and conversions across all channels for the approximate 44% of marketers who adapted them.


2. Influencer marketing: Gen Z’s most favourite

Influencer marketing gained significant momentum in 2023 with a growth of 17% for the year. Working with influencers has continued to help brands expand their reach and attract the influencer’s followers. While celebrity influencers with massive followings have been the most effective, more than 55% of creators have turned to micro-influencers in 2023, who have smaller but highly engaged audiences. These influencers, often seen as more relatable “everyday” people, are increasingly influential in converting leads and boosting brand awareness, as their audiences tend to trust their opinions and recommendations more.


3. Short form video marketing

Tik Tok videos, Instagram Reels and Youtube Shorts continued to be the most consumed form of content in 2023, mostly driven by Gen Z followed by millennials. Brands that have mastered the art of engaging and succinct storytelling through video have reaped significant engagement and reach. Short-form video is only here to stay and become even greater in 2024.


4. Social media shopping

Many social media platforms have become the next go-to shopping destination in 2023. E-commerce tools within social media platforms such as Instagram Shopping, Facebook Shops and Tik Tok shop have contributed to a shift in consumer behaviour and shopping habits: 71% of Gen Z-ers and 51% of Millennials preferred to discover new products on social media, and brands have followed suit with an increase of 22% of brands using these new social media features in 2023.


5. Smartphone technology, camera and video quality improvements

Mobile is still the most popular form for users to consume content, browse products for shopping and engage with their favourite brands. Thanks to consistent improvements made to video quality and camera definition (4k), as well as improvements in smartphone technology and apps, marketers have enjoyed more reach and engagement than ever before in 2023.

6. Interactive Augmented Reality Ads

Interactive formats, such as augmented reality (AR) ads, quizzes, and polls, particularly on social media, have gained popularity in 2023. They tended to have higher engagement rates, which contributed to a new revenue stream for the marketers who adapted those. By interacting with AR ads, consumers feel like they’re playing an engaging video game. This builds an emotional connection with customers, encouraging them to make purchases.


7. Blogging didn’t go anywhere

Blogging has been a key part of marketing since businesses started having websites. The age of this tactic shouldn’t be a sign that it’s out-of-date though. In fact, blogging has been used for so long simply because it works. One in three marketers use their blogs to promote their brand. So much so, in 2023. Most consumers read blogs multiple times per week and have purchased something from a brand after reading the company’s blog. Beyond engaging customers and potentially driving sales, blogs offer an essential advantage for your website or online presence: enhanced visibility in search results. 


8. Sustainability and Ethical Marketing

The call for sustainability and ethical practices is louder than ever. Consumers in 2023 demanded more than just quality products. They sought brands that aligned with their values. Companies have been responding with marketing strategies that highlight their commitment to sustainability, whether through eco-friendly products or socially responsible initiatives.


The marketing ecosystem has been evolving faster than ever before, and it will continue to do so. 2023 has seen a radical boost in the marketers potential to create a more effective, time-saving, engaging and customised marketing strategy tailored to their target audience thanks to the introduction of many AI tools, but as we move forward, the key to success lies in our ability to adapt, innovate, and connect with our audience in meaningful ways.


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