Why stock photos should no longer be part of your Instagram strategy

Stock photos should no longer be part of your Instagram strategy. The world of social media is changing and Instagram’s new changes are starting to be tested. This cements what we have suspected for a while—when it comes to content, video is the king of the social media platform. And Instagram needs to move with the times.

With 1117 million people on Tik Tok, it’s no wonder Instagram wants a slice of the video-sharing pie. According to the Sensor Tower, in June 2021, more than 87 million people downloaded Tik Tok. Instagram only ranked as the fifth most popular download app (11 million downloads), beat by Whatsapp, Zoom and Facebook. What can we conclude from this? The short story is – if Instagram wants to compete they’re going to have to step up their social game.

In a recent announcement by Instagram’s head, Adam Mosseri, the picture-sharing network is getting a make-over. Mosseri tweeted a video about what they’re currently working on at Instagram HQ. In his message, he highlighted their four priorities they will be focusing on.
1) Creators – making it easier for them to make a living on the platform
2) Video
3) Shopping
4) Messaging

“We’re no longer a photo sharing app, or a square photo sharing app,” he said. He went on to talk about how people are seeking entertainment. Going forward over the next couple of months, you’ll begin to start noticing some changes to Instagram. You’ll start seeing recommendations in your feed for new brands and content creators. Instagram is testing a new version that allows you to indicate what topics you want to see more or less of. Instagram will also be experimenting with full screen, immersive and entertaining videos, so look out Tik Tok.


As we’ve discovered, when Instagram releases new features, the algorithm ensures when you use the new features they get more of a push across the platform. You only have to take a look at the success of Reels as an example. Have you posted an Instagram Reel that you weren’t even sure was that good, only to check on the insights an hour later to discover it had 3,000+ views? The reason for this is Instagram wants the trend to catch on and therefore allows your content to reach more people. For this reason alone, it’s crucial to stay up to date with the current Instagram trends. So when the new video formats are introduced, it’s important you jump on the bandwagon. Not just to be trendy, but to be seen! 

Sure making Reels is more time consuming, and yes you may not be comfortable with making video content, but if you keep posting what you’ve always done, your content simply isn’t going to get seen.

In an effort to match Instagram’s announcement, Tik Tok has come out and extended the duration of videos to a maximum of three minutes in an effort to enhance the storytelling and entertainment

With longer content, inevitably there will be more opportunities for Instagram and Tik Tok to incorporate more sponsored content and ads.

Video is here to stay and it’s time to stop being camera shy! It’s time to stop relying on stock images to boost your content. If you need help on the best ways to create video, a tutorial on how to create reels, or inspiration on how you can incorporate more video into your strategy—starting now—reach out to the team at Boost Social.