Why Going Viral Isn’t Your Golden Ticket to Sales

hands holding mobile phones with viral likes

Going viral does not equal return on investment

“We want you to make our posts go viral!” It’s often a request we get from clients. Make a reel and make it viral. Let’s cut to the chase, and look at why chasing virality isn’t your golden ticket to sales. We’ve all been there, daydreaming about that one post, that golden goose that will skyrocket us to the virality stratosphere. We see the likes, shares, and comments stacking up like a digital version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and we’re giddy with joy. Our brand, splashed across screens worldwide – surely, this is the moment we’ve been waiting for, right?

Not so fast, my intrepid entrepreneur. Here’s the cold, hard truth, served up sassy and straight – going viral is not the express train to sales. Shocked? Let’s break it down.

Today’s viral sensation is tomorrow’s forgotten meme

First, let’s chat about the transient nature of the internet. Yes, that viral post might make you the talk of the town…for a hot minute. The internet’s attention span is shorter than that goldfish you had as a kid. Today’s viral sensation is tomorrow’s forgotten meme. Chasing the viral dragon means you’re constantly on that treadmill, trying to create the next big thing before your 15 minutes of fame runs out.

Reaching your true audience

Next, let’s discuss your audience. When a post goes viral, it spreads far and wide, touching audiences that may not even be interested in your product or service. They’re here for the laughs, the feels, the shareable content – not necessarily to buy what you’re selling. Your true audience, those who genuinely need and want what you have to offer, might be lost in this surge of viral visitors.

Focus on delivery quality content

Finally, consider the kind of content that often goes viral. It’s typically entertaining, humorous, shocking, or controversial. Does that necessarily reflect your brand? And more importantly, does it drive your sales? If you’re in the business of selling professional-grade power tools, a viral video of kittens playing with a mini saw may not resonate with your target buyers.

Instead of chasing virality, focus on delivering consistent, quality content to your audience. Develop a strong, authentic voice for your brand. Engage with your followers. Provide value. That’s how you build a loyal audience who’ll not only buy what you’re selling but will also become your brand ambassadors, sharing your content because they love it, not because it’s the flavour of the week.

Authenticity builds a solid customer base not virality

Remember, social media isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. Slow and steady might not get you viral, but it will get you value, visibility, and ultimately, viable sales. So, kick back, relax, and let’s start building that authentic, engaged, loyal audience that’s actually going to boost your bottom line. Virality is fleeting; a solid customer base is forever. Now, that’s what I call a golden goose.