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With a blend of enthusiasm for growth and an overflowing passion for artificial intelligence and innovation, I introduce myself as your Growth Marketing Manager.

With experience in pioneering projects such as digitising the real estate sector in Spain and data analysis at KANTAR, my approach goes beyond the conventional. I have learned to navigate the complexities of marketing with skill, always seeking new opportunities to drive growth.

As a rugby enthusiast, I understand the importance of teamwork and dedication in achieving our goals. As a foodie, I appreciate the cultural diversity and creativity reflected in every dish. And as a dedicated traveler, I value the opportunity to explore new horizons and immerse myself in different cultures.

As your Growth Marketing Manager, I am here to take your company to new heights, leveraging my passion, experience, and determination to drive success. Together, we can turn every challenge into an opportunity and every goal into a reality. Let’s grow together!

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We searched the galaxy for our team and each member was carefully chosen for their individual talents and diverse skills that they bring to the table. Spending many hours working together has created a family environment, where our stars are aligned. We all pitch in together to complete projects and work harmoniously creating an inspiring place where creativity soars and innovative ideas become reality. Contact us today to speak of our team member.

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