Beginner’s Guide to Using Pinterest for Business – Part 2

How to get the most out of Pinterest? Introducing Tailwind

Pinterest is a little different from the other social networks. Unlike Facebook where a maximum of two posts a day is considered too much,(studies revealed those who post more than twice a day saw a drop of followers by 50%), on Pinterest the recommended number of posts are between 5 to 10 EACH DAY! That’s a lot of work—finding quality images to pin, ensuring it features relevant and trending keywords and posting at the right times for maximum exposure. Thank goodness for Tailwind!

What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is the answer to Pinterest pinners prayers (try saying that 5x fast!) Designed exclusively for Pinterest, it’s the marketing tool you cannot afford not to have. Honestly, it’s going to make life so much easier and it’s really cost-effective. Tailwind for Pinterest will help you drive traffic to your Pinterest boards, generate leads and help boost your return on investment. Tailwind allows you to schedule your pins for peak periods so that your pins are getting as many eyes as possible on them, and it’s easy to read analytics and can tell you by a quick look whether people are loving your content or not.

What is Tailwind Tribes?

In addition to Tailwind allowing you to schedule, you can become part of a Tailwind tribe that will gain more engagement than you ever thought possible. Tailwind Tribes is the easiest way to boost the views your pins get.  Essentially a tribe is the collective noun for a group Tailwind user that shares a common interest. For example you might join a tribe that is interested in digital marketing.

Each tribe has guidelines that you must agree to when you join. They are usually rules like you must be an active member of the tribe and for every pin that you upload to the tribe, you must share at least two others (not your own!). To put it in the most basic terms, let say you join a Tailwind Tribe that is interested in marketing tips for 2021. When you upload an image, you must share two images that have been uploaded by other group members. If every tribe member is keeping up their end of the bargain, then the potential for eyes on your products is huge.

What if you can’t find a tribe in your niche?

Perhaps your interests are a little on the weird or whacky and you can’t find a tribe that’s posting pins on your topic. For example; ‘Sesame Street Tattoos’, or ‘Bonzai Trees enthusiasts’, then it’s super simple to create your own tribe and invite others to join it.

How to get even more out of Pinterest

According to Hootsuite, approximately 84% of weekly users use Pinterest to help decide what to buy. Pinterest have also released some interesting statistics such as 55% of Pinners are on Pinterest just to look for products and 83% of weekly users have purchased from products they’ve seen on a brand’s board. So with Pinterest being a viable option especially for ecommerce businesses, how do you get even more out of Pinterest?

1. Amazing visuals

Make your pins interesting. Don’t just pin for the sake of pinning, be selective in your imagery. No one wants to repin a pixelated still life photo of your product surrounded by a white background. Nearly three-quarters of all Pinners place more importance on the images than they do on the text of a pin. This doesn’t mean that you can ignore writing great content using keywords, because that’s exceptionally important too. We’re just emphasising how important it is to have amazing images.

Which pin is likely to be more likely to be repinned?

2. Content that sells

Descriptions matter. Use keywords so your content can be found in the first place and give as much information as possible in an informative way. People love stories, so the more refined your story-telling narrative, the easier it will be to be persuasive.

3. Resized for mobile

Most Pinterest users are on mobile devices, so it’s suggested you choose a portrait style image rather than landscape. We recommend 2:3 aspect ratio.

4. Be active on a regular basis

Pin regularly. A minimum of five pins a day with a maximum of 10 pins, this is much more effective than creating a board and then going crazy with 100 pins at once.

5. Have a strategy

It’s all well and good to think you can log on to Tailwinds and think you can post products willy nilly. It’s wise to have a Pinterest strategy. Take into consideration the times of the year such as Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc as well as the seasons. If you are a global company you’ll need to take into consideration seasonal differences. By planning ahead you can start posting relatable pins a few weeks before so people have the opportunity to purchase prior to the upcoming holiday

6. Use a branded hashtag

Hashtags in 2021 on Pinterest are optional, but it’s a good idea to include your niche branded hashtag. For example #boostsocial #emmitbuilders #socialmama and to ensure that’s the hashtag that appears first.

7: Use ‘Shop The Look’ pins

The easier you make it for your followers to purchase, the more revenue you will generate.
The ‘Shop The Look’ pins make it easier for Pinners to purchase the products they see!

If you have an eCommerce store and you want to revolutionise the way you do socials, particularly if you are a global brand, you would be missing out on a huge opportunity if you bypassed Pinterest as a viable option.

If your business is looking to grow your reach, increase brand awareness or promote products, get more traffic to your website, and drive online sales and subscriptions, and you want to get more out of Pinterest or learn more about Tailwind, contact the team at Boost Social today.