Tips to jump-start your 2023 marketing

2022 is almost over, and people usually reflect on the past year and make plans for the new one. Many people might be thinking that Black Friday and Boxing day are the best time to advertise your brand to increase your sales. But did you know that 67% expect to grow sales over the New Year period? It’s a new opportunity for you to start New Year Campaign to get more clients while they feel like still on holiday. Here are some tips on how to stand out from competitors in 2023.

Run a campaign for retargeting

Retargeting campaigns include advertising to people who have already shopped with your business. They might’ve bought your products as a gift, but it’s a good time to reach out to people for their own present such as “Treat yourself for the fresh year”. Create an ad featuring your New Year’s Day sales and target it to your previous shoppers. Facebook and Instagram are great ways to run retargeting campaigns and ads that allow us to look at user behaviors.

Yes, you may be thinking now, “How we can do such a thing?”. We’re writing this because we have confidence in doing the campaign.

Keet who is one of our digital marketing specialists has done many Facebook campaigns for different industries to grow your business. Here’s the link to one of our case studies with Bushwakka.

Tell him your brief ideas about what you want to achieve with the campaign, and he’ll come back with many ideas that you would struggle to choose from. Do you want to stand out from competitors? Contact us and we can help you!

Collecting customer satisfaction data

Mathew, our director asks us every day if all clients are happy with our services, That’s where we come up with this idea. Collecting customer satisfaction data. It can be awkward to ask but it’s the best way to get honest feedback from our customers and improve services for 2023.

How? Send out an email newsletter with a link to a customer survey and go through each survey with everyone. As s result, we can use the feedback to improve our business in the coming year.

However, not many people would do it for free, and we remember what Mathew told us one day in the meeting. “Do not give discounts to clients, add value”.

Yes, that’s it. Whoever answered the survey, offer them one of your services or free samples that they can try. They’re more likely to come back to your brand rather than get discounts.

Need some extra help with the new year campaign and branding? Get in touch with us at Boost Social Media at or email for any inquiries or guidance on website building, refreshes, and updates.

Source: Christmas comes early as shoppers head back in-store