Influencer Marketing on Social Media for Local Based Businesses

People get easily star struck! There can be no doubting that fact. And Influencer Marketing (something that we specialize in) finds it’s greatest home on Social Media. That’s not really surprising, of course. Just consider the following facts about a few Australian celebrities;

  • Hugh Jackman has 26.3m followers on Instagram.
  • Chris Hemsworth commands an Instagram following of 35.8m.
  • Ruby Rose has 13.9m followers on Instagram.

Instagram is one place where you can harness the power of influencer marketing

Clearly, you are going to get the maximum in terms of exposure should you be able to sign up any of these people! Social Media, for better or for worse, is where celebrities really come into their element and you can use this fact to grow your local based business.

Local based businesses should strive to sign up local celebrities

Frankly, making the most out of Social Media marketing is all being as wacky as you can! Think dancing poodles and singing dolphins. And why is that the case? How many of us, to be frank, go to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to be serious about life?

Those platforms are all about unwinding! Celebrities are all part of this sphere to which we retreat when we wish to think about nothing! And local based businesses can capitalize on this trait to get greater visibility.

  1. Influencer Marketing on Facebook  and Instagram for Local based businesses

All local based businesses need to have a presence on Facebook

All local based businesses need to have a presence on Facebook

The formulae, when it comes to Influencer Marketing on social media for local based businesses is almost always the same;

  • Determine how much you are able to pay for Influencer Marketing
  • Make a list of the most influential local celebrities
  • Strive to sign up the best
  • Go to the next celebrity (when your first few choices reject your)!

Get a local celebrity on your Instagram and Facebook Pages

Instagram and Facebook Pages can really be useful places where you can harness the power of influencer marketing. You can do the following to give your local based business greater visibility on both platforms;

  • Create Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • Get as many (and as big) celebrities as you can to endorse your business.
  • Display the endorsement on your Pages.
  • If you can, you can get your celebrity to even answer questions from people!
  • Sign up local celebrities to announce upcoming events, promotions and product launches.
  1. Use celebrities in your social media ads

Influencer marketing is all about making a splash, and you can achieve this aim by using celebrities in your ads. That’s particularly the case when it comes to social media marketing for local based businesses. Let’s take the example of Facebook Advertising (Note that you can choose to have your Facebook Ads also show up on Instagram).  Facebook Ads have really taken the world by storm over the past few years. That’s not really surprising, considering the platform’s size. So, how would a local based business approach Facebook Ads?

  • For our example (a restaurant), it would be best to create a short video of local celebrities eating in your establishment!
  • You can also make an ad of celebrities endorsing your restaurant.
  • Your ad can also be a picture of local celebrities having the time of their lives in your restaurant.

These ads can be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or on any other social media platform. What you are trying to do here is to convince your prospects that people who matter have already been in your establishment. Remember, people are largely pack animals!  Most of the time, they will follow where influential people have been!

Get local Influencers to check-in while in your Establishment

This is another useful way through which local based businesses can use influencer marketing to achieve growth. Allowing people to “check in” while they are on your premise is a great way through which to spread the word about your establishment.  Checking in can be in the form of a message on Twitter announcing that they are at such and such a place. You can also enable Check in on your Facebook Page?

How to Enable Facebook Check In

Facebook check-in can enabled in Settings on your Facebook business page;

  • First, you need to designate your Page as a local business. (Settings-Page Info-Category-Local Business).
  • Next, you need to choose a category for your Local Business.
  • Afterwards, you need to add an address to your Page (Settings-Page, Info, Address).
  • The last thing that you need to do is check the box next to “Show map, check-ins and star ratings.” When done, feel free to save your settings.

A Final Word

Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, influencer marketing clearly is the way to go for local based businesses. Your prospects mostly go to these and other platforms to play (and to gawk at celebrities) and you can capitalize on this to give your business greater visibility!

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