Chatbots Development

Start a conversation with your customers without saying anything


We create chatbots that deliver content, support and drive sales while you are focusing on other important tasks.


Lead Generation Chatbot

Lead generation chatbots use a conversational approach in order to gather customer information, guide customers in the buying process, or qualify leads. They allow website visitors to navigate through a tree of options and enable businesses to actively engage with prospects thus keeping them from leaving your website unconverted. Our lead-generation chatbot can answer your customer’s queries on social media platforms and websites and send their leads to your CRM with ease.

Sales Chatbots

Show off new products, deliver promotions and target customers at top of the funnel and bring them to the bottom all with the help of a chatbot. Our chatbot development team truly understand your sales funnels and buyer journeys and implement chatbots that generate and qualify leads, schedule sales calls and turn stagnant website forms into conversations.


Located on the gorgeous south east coast of Queensland in the heart of Surfers Paradise, Boost Social has catapulted into a thriving marketing agency — providing a full range of digital marketing services.

Customer Service A.I chatbot

Reduce the workload on your customer service team by implementing an AI based chatbot that helps your business offer a better CX experience to your customers. We analyse your existing chat logs with your customers then build replica agent responses through intent recognition and machine learning. 

Custom Chatbot

We understand that every business has its own wants and needs and we strive to deliver the perfect bot for you. We can custom-build a chatbot for almost any purpose. Whether it is gathering more leads or creating appointments for your services, we can custom build a bot that adheres to the wants and needs of your customers with the utmost user experience. 


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Comprehensive Audit

We do a full digital audit of your brand online. At no cost!

Personalised Strategy

We provide you a personalised strategy that will work for your brand - not a one-template-fits-all strategy.

Implementation & Reporting

Our team of experts will implement the strategies and provide monthly reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chatbots can deliver real time solutions to your customers wants and needs in the most efficient and effective way possible 24×7. It saves you a lot of time and gives your business an opportunity to interact with your customers in a profound level.

A chatbot works 24×7 on your webpage and other platforms. It can provide your user with customer service by asking for feedback or take a more solution-centric role by fixing their concerns and addressing their queries. It can also help int he sales funnel by reminding them about the items in their cart and push them towards a successful conversion.

Customer service, feedback, sign-ups, lead generation, information, support and other tasks can easily be automated with a chatbot.

Our web development team can create chatbots on all major CMS platforms and can customised the bot according to your wants and needs. We are a right fit for your business as we give utmost importance to customer service and driving results.

Our Client Dashboard

Get instant 24/7 access to all your campaigns and performance analytics in one place with the Boost Social client dashboard.