How To Sell Any Product or Service Online – Using Sales Funnels

Selling online is a significant source of revenue for every business today. The coronavirus pandemic enabled business owners and consumers to explore digital commerce, which will change the purchase behaviour and perceptions of Australia forever. Most of the businesses have transitioned into the digital world through various platforms like websites, Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

One of the most common digital goals for businesses is to grow their brand online. To achieve this a lot of time and effort goes into writing engaging content, regularly updating the social platforms, increasing awareness, building a loyal audience through community engagement and then selling your product or service. All these are essential in a long-term digital marketing strategy, but it requires commitment and a lot of patience to be successful.

Many brick and mortar businesses have moved online to increase their sales. Their sole short-term goal is to attract a target market to sell their product or service. They do not want to wait too long nor spend too much on building a huge website with 100 pages, without seeing a return on investment. Building funnel pages and paid advertising on Facebook, Google, or Youtube will fetch immediate leads and thereby increase your sales in the short-term.

Marketing Director of Boost Social, Elisha Fiorentino says one of the biggest mistake people make when they are trying to sell products via social media is forgetting about the sales funnel altogether or they know the process, but are starting from the wrong end of the funnel and are left wondering why no one is buying what they are selling. Chances are there’s nothing wrong with the product, it’s the approach being taken.

At Boost Social, we cater to the short-term needs of clients by setting up advanced, paid campaigns on Facebook or Google and direct the prospects to a sales funnel page which is strategically designed to squeeze the visitor to buy a product or leave their contact details. The sales funnel marketing strategy consists of the following steps:

Step 1: Decide on a clear offer or message

Marketing the sales funnel works best while promoting something exclusive. The first step is to decide what – it could be a one-time promotional offer, a FREE consultation, a discounted product or anything with one specific message and one goal. Always consider your best product that has a lot of traction in the market and come up with the best offer you can give. We give a lot of importance to this step because it can determine the success or failure of the ad campaign.

Step 2: Design the landing page

A high-converting sales funnel has to be designed it a way that it will get people to take the precise action you want them to. Once the goal of the campaign is finalised, we strategically design the funnel landing pages which revolves around the campaign objective.

A sales funnel is a series of pages that are intentionally crafted to convert visitors (rather a website without a clear purpose or direction). The landing pages typically consist of the offer, the message, the validation about the business (reviews, testimonials, clients, etc.), and a call-to-action button/form.

Check out the example for a sales funnel for selling a product online:

Step 3: Set up the campaign for traffic

The next step is to identify the target market and find sources to engage with them. The usual sources for traffic are Email Marketing, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and YouTube Ads. The choice depends on the client’s budget, the existing database and the target audience.

To get effective results, it is crucial to set up the ad campaigns properly with relevant campaign creatives, A/B testing, tracking and re-targeting.

Step 4: Performance tracking and monitoring

One can never get this 100% right the first time or even the second time. Monitoring the entire campaign and the landing pages through performance metrics and A/B testing will give many insights that should be used to further enhance the campaign. Identifying the visitor behaviour and changing accordingly will drastically improve the performance, thereby increasing the sales or the leads.

Our clients at Boost Social have had huge success through our short-term strategy and they love the sales funnels we create! We even use such funnel pages by offering a 30-min FREE Strategy Session for business owners, which still gets us many leads. Go try it for yourself!