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Social Strategy

When you’re marketing properties, new listings, auctions, and rentals, you need a robust social media strategy. Real estate is a highly competitive industry and it’s important to ensure your agents have a high profile in your local community. Professionally designed artwork and timely content creation ensure your Facebook and Instagram content is branded and on the theme. We take the necessary time to familiarise ourselves with your brand, audit your social media channels and cultivate a social strategy to promote your real estate agency with creative flair.
Whether you’re looking for an innovative social media strategy that you can walk away with and get your in-house team to execute, or a strategy with content creation managed by our team of social media experts, Boost Social is the answer to being seen on Social Media.


Branding is one of the most important aspects for your real estate agency—boutique or nationwide. Being highly recognizable in today’s competitive property market can give you the advantage you need.
Images and graphic design play an important role in creating your real estate brand identity. After a brief from your team about your goals, we explore a range of colors, fonts, images, and graphics to cultivate an overall versatile ‘look’ that translates well across the digital realm.
We can help you define your tone of voice, positioning for your company, taglines, analysis of your competitors as well as a full branding kit complete with logo, typography, and business card—including the type of images and graphics we recommend.



Located on the gorgeous south east coast of Queensland in the heart of Surfers Paradise, Boost Social has catapulted into a thriving marketing agency — providing a full range of digital marketing services.



Are you looking for a high-converting website for your real estate agency? Our desire is to combine a streamlined customer journey with visually stunning graphics. Our web design team takes on the challenge to bring creative innovation to each real estate website, ensuring that at each point of the customer journey there are touchpoints to generate new leads.
Every design is creatively executed to provide an immersive, full-screen experience that’s mobile responsive and automatically adapts to the major browsers. Rest assured, there’s no need to be concerned about how your real estate website translates from mobile to desktop.



The digital realm is 24/7 and to save you hours from sitting in front of a computer, we can integrate CRM into your real estate website design to automate tasks. A sales automation process when a vendor contacts you about a listing can streamline the entire process. Provide a streamlined customer experience and let a CRM let you manage your contacts. From CRM set-up, sales pipelines, nurturing leads, and integrating them with your website and emails.
If you’re already using one of the main real estate CRM platforms like MyDesktop and Vaultre, our team has experience integrating them into your website so it automatically pulls new listings, sold properties, and auctions.


Glowing reviews from happy vendors are the key to gaining notoriety in your local area. The real estate industry has a reputation of being highly competitive with agents constantly fighting the perceived notion that they’re on the same level as guttersnipes, solely commission-focused, and don’t care about the buyer. End the stigma with reputation management. At Boost Social, we have a close partnership with several reputation management platforms designed to provide social proof that your real estate agency stands heads of the rest.

Gathering reviews to gain the trust of potential sellers and buyers doesn’t have to be hard with this automated process. More than 15,000 businesses globally use online platforms to revolutionize the way they do business. The user-friendly system makes it easy to use and the monitoring tools make it simple for your real estate agents and property managers to seamlessly manage their reputation online.


We can simplify your day-to-day with marketing automation for your real estate agency. Our in-house team based on the Gold Coast can set up automated emails, SMS notifications, email sequences, and add meetings to your calendar.


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