All you need to know about the ‘product tagging’ expansion on Instagram.

Instagram is rolling over the expanded product tagging feature to everyone in the next couple of months. The product tagging feature lets a creator tag a product on their post, giving other users more insights and information about the tagged products. Before the expansion, only businesses collaborating with creators were able to tag the products on the posts. With the new expansion, every Instagram user can tag a product that is listed on Instagram shopping hence allowing users to discover and share their favourite products with the people they follow. The feature enables businesses to get an organic reach and grow audiences on the platform.

Instagram notifies business owners every time a user tags their product and lets them organise all their tagged posts in one place. Product owners can manage how and who tags their products giving them a level of control over their posting strategies.

To tag a product in your post, you’ll need to select a photo or video, add a caption and then select the “Next” button. You need to tag a brand first in your post to see the option to tag products. From there, you can tap “Tag Products” to search for a business and then find the products you want to tag and then add them to your post. Users have the option to tag more than one product in a post.



On Instagram, 1.6 million consumers tag at least one brand each week, according to the company. Over the last few years, the company has been pushing to improve users’ purchasing experiences on its app.

In 2020, Instagram launched its redesigned Shop tab. Instagram Shop is described as a place to browse products from favourite brands and creators. In the Shop tab, you’re able to filter by categories like beauty and home, for example, and then check out directly in the app.

Honestly, we can’t wait to try on the new product tagging feature and use it to drive organic growth and awareness of our client’s e-commerce stores and profiles.

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