Influencer Marketing for Personal Trainers

By Managing Director of Boost Social
Elisha Fiorentino


Did you know that some influencers out there charge between $75 and $3000 for an Instagram post? Getting the right kind of personality to endorse your business clearly costs money. However, before you get scared away from the very notion of influencer marketing, just  consider the rewards! In Australia, there are a number of celebrities, whose Instagram followers run well into the millions! So, that figure of $75 per post does not appear to be too big, after all right? But does influencer marketing work for personal trainers?

Does influencer marketing work for personal trainers?

should personal trainers hire influencers?

Health and fitness definitely has some of the most prominent influencers out there! Some fitness trainers in Australia have become celebrities in their own regard, commanding millions of followers on social media. Unfortunately, the fact that you are reading this article probably means that you are not one of these.

So, can personal trainers harness the power of influencer marketing to grow their business? The answer is YES! You may think that your business is a bit too small to be able to hire the services of Australia’s biggest influencers. However, in reality, no business is ever too big or too small to benefit from influencer marketing. But how does it all work?

How does it work?

When most people talk about influencer marketing, the platform that they mostly refer to is Instagram. That’s probably for a very good reason; human beings are visual animals and Instagram satisfies this trait. However, Instagram is not the only platform on which you can market your personal training business;

  1. Facebook

Facebook is a great platform for influencer marketing

All personal trainers need to have Facebook Pages! If you do not already have one, then you have definitely been missing out. The great thing about Facebook is that it allows you to fully engage your customers. Share useful personal training titbits and you will soon have multitudes of followers of your own. However, apart from that, you can also take advantage of influencer marketing to grow your personal training business in the following ways;

  • Give out a list of the celebrities who have used your services. You can get going in this regard by offering personal training services to some of the influencer in your area of location FREE OF CHARGE. I know! Most people will balk at this. However, if it is what it takes to get going, then go ahead and do it!
  • Get some of these influential people to endorse you on their Facebook Pages. Most influencers have millions of followers on the platform. Just imagine what a simple mention from one of them will do for your business! You are, of course, most likely going to have to pay for this privilege. However, the benefits of a mention by a well known personality can be exponential.
  • Create Facebook Ads that feature some of these celebrities. Facebook Advertising is a great way through which you can precisely target your prospects. And your ads will have greater visibility if they feature some well known individuals.
  1. Instagram

Instagram is the home of influencer marketing

One great thing about Instagram is that the platform is owned by Facebook. There is, therefore, a degree of cross-compatibility. You can, as an example, choose to have your Facebook Ads also appear on Instagram.

As already mentioned, Instagram is where Influencer Marketing really comes into its element! Your personal training business can benefit a lot in this regard. Imagine paying $75 or some other amount to have a well know personality mention your business to hundreds of thousands of their followers on the platform!

If you have chosen the correct kind of influencer, then you can be sure that word about your services will spread to millions of people. Indeed, many people will look you up for the simple reason that you are such and such a celebrity’s personal trainer. The tricky part lies in signing up these celebrities in the first place, which is where my advice on offering some of your services free of charge becomes relevant.

  1. Twitter

You can use Twitter for Influencer Marketing

A Twit tends to be rather short, but its impact can be outsized for businesses. It’s all going to depend, of course, on who it is from! Again, the trick for Personal Trainers lies in being able to sign up the right kind of people. Who is well known in your area of operation and how much do they cost for their services? Are you going to be able to afford them? I must repeat that cost is not something that you should balk at. Influencer marketing can work wonders for your business; but you may need to either pay or offer some service free of charge at the onset.

A final comment

To those that are still wondering; yes, Influencer marketing does work for personal trainers. In fact, personal trainers are some of the people that can benefit the most from influencer marketing. Getting endorsements from trendsetters within your community and country is a good way of getting people to flock to your business!