How to Promote your Beauty Salon using Influencer Marketing

By Managing Director of Boost Social
Elisha Fiorentino

Are you struggling to get customers for your Beauty Salon? Running this type of business tends to be tricky for a number of reasons. Beauty salons are clearly a type of business that engenders a high degree of loyalty! This makes it difficult for others, particularly beginners, to make the breakthrough that is needed to achieve growth. That is the reason why many such establishments fold up a few months down the line. However, before you give up, I am going to give you a few high quality tips on influencer marketing for beauty salons!

Can I use Influencer Marketing for my Beauty Salon Business?

Influencer Marketing is the in thing in Marketing at the moment. That’s hardly surprising, considering the nature of human beings. I won’t say here that people are sheep, but the fact remains that humans and sheep share quite a number of interesting traits! So, which relevant character do people share with sheep?

People are Pack Animals

humans, like sheep, have a herd mentality

Human beings are, by and large, pack animals. They like to go where others have gone! And in every pack, there are leaders.  These pack leaders set the trend as far as everything goes within the troop. In the wild, they are responsible for leading others to greener pastures and fresh watering holes.

That is a trait that you can make use of to get customers for your Beauty Salon. But how does it work? Before going into that, let me talk about the nature of Beauty Salons.

Beauty Salons are highly localized

What do beauty salons, restaurants and bars have in common? Well, how about the fact that all these businesses are highly localized? Your Beauty Salon is only ever going to draw customers from so many miles around it’s physical location. Let’s put that at 5 miles. This makes marketing such a business rather tricky. You need to be able to choose a platform that allows you to precisely target your audience within the Geographic limitations of your business’ operations.

Feel free to check out our Infleuncer Marketing for Local Businesses article for more on how to get going.

How to use influencer marketing for Beauty Salons

how influencer marketing works

Let’s assume that the beautiful lady in the above image was an ordinary Australian. Would you really care where she got her beauty treatment? What if it turns out that she is a well known television character? Wouldn’t that be enough to get millions of her followers on social media interested in her makeup, lipstick, hair, etc?

The great thing is that influencer marketing can help Beauty Salons make a HUGE impact within their spheres of influence. Influencers are the pack leaders within your community! They have millions of followers both on and offline! And you can tap on these followers to give your business greater brand recognition.

Influencer Marketing Platforms for Beauty Salons

Once you have identified and signed up notable personalities for your Beauty Salon, the next thing that you need to do is take your marketing campaigns to any of the following relevant platforms;

  1. Facebook

you can market your beauty salon on Facebook

Let’s assume that you are a Brisbane based Beauty Salon and have landed the hottest actress in the country for your influencer marketing campaigns. The following are some of the things that you can do with your signing;

  • Get the actress to mention you on their Facebook Page. This can work wonders, considering that most influencers have millions of Facebook friends and followers.
  • Get them to endorse your Facebook Page. If you do not already have a Facebook Page for your Beauty Salon, then get off your bottom and create one!
  • Create Facebook advertising materials featuring the actress. Remember that people tend to be very loyal when it comes to the Beauty Salons that they visit. If you are a new establishment, you are going to need celebrity power to convince them to try you out!
  • You can also get people’s favorite celebrities to check in on Facebook while they are having their hair done. Believe me, that is a good way through which you can really capture people’s attention.
  1. Instagram

Instagram can do wonders when it comes to marketing beauty salons

Instagram really does wonders when it comes to marketing for beauty salons. That’s because Instagram appeals to people’s baser nature as visual animals. What better way of getting people talking about you than by showcasing some of your hairdos on Instagram?

Better still, why not really get people talking by giving some well known people hairdos and having them showcase your prowess on Instagram? Imagine what you can do by signing up a local celebrity whose Instagram following runs into the tens of thousands?

  1. Twitter

use twitter to market your beauty salon

Twitter is another great platform as far as influencer marketing for Beauty Salons is concerned. For the example that we have given above, our actress is probably going to have hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers. You can reach out to these people to give your business greater visibility.

A Final Word

So, to the question, does influencer marketing work for Beauty Salons, the answer is a resounding YES! The thing to remember is that you are going to need to sign up people who have recognition within your area of operation. This can be difficult, considering the limited Geographic scope of your business. In some instances, you may actually need to go countrywide to get the kind of person that you are looking for.

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