How Much Does Social Media Management Cost?

How much does social media management cost?

Recently, we ran a Facebook Ads campaign highlighting a special on our social media management packages and one thing has become clear. Businesses want socials, need socials but they don’t want to pay any more than $50 to $200 a month. Yet, if they were to hire someone in house, it would cost a lot more than that. This is highlighted the fact that business owners need more education on how much work goes into producing social media that actually works for your business.

Social media management isn’t cheap, and the amount of time it takes to create a strategy and content can be overwhelming for small business owners. While some may believe that social media management is simply about posting and seeing what sticks, it’s much more complicated than that. In fact, it’s a crucial aspect of a successful marketing strategy that requires careful planning, execution, and analysis.

What is involved in creating a social media strategy?

Creating a social media strategy involves extensive research into your target audience, your competitors, and your industry. This requires a deep understanding of your brand, your values, and your goals. The strategy should also take into account the type of content you want to produce, the channels you want to use, and the metrics you want to track. All of these elements must work together to create a cohesive, effective social media presence.

Once the strategy is in place, creating high-quality content that aligns with your brand and appeals to your target audience is critical. This involves not just writing text, but also producing images, videos, and other multimedia content. Social media content must be engaging, relevant, and shareable, and it must be produced consistently over time.

There are a lot of social media cowboys who think because they run a personal account that they have what it takes to run business accounts. And if you’re happy with #mondaymorning and coffee type posts, go write ahead, but if you truly want return on your investment, businesses should expect to invest a significant amount of time and resources into social media management.

The cost of employing a marketer in-house

One alternative to hiring in-house is to work with a social media agency. By partnering with an agency, small business owners can avoid many of the additional costs associated with hiring an in-house team. For example, they don’t have to worry about paying superannuation, providing sick days, or purchasing tools such as HubSpot, SkedSocial, Canva Pro, or the Adobe Suite of products. All of these expenses can add up quickly and significantly increase the cost of hiring an in-house team.

How much does it cost to hire a social media agency?

The cost of working with a social media agency varies depending on the size of the business, the complexity of the strategy, and the quality of the content produced. However, on average, businesses can expect to pay between $3,000 and $10,000 per month for social media management services from an agency. You’re getting the expertise of an entire team, not just one in-house team member. While this may seem like a high cost, it can be significantly lower than the cost of hiring an in-house team and provides the expertise and resources needed for successful social media management.The amount of time it takes to write a social media post can vary greatly, depending on the complexity of the post and the level of research and planning required. On average, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours to write a single social media post, depending on the goals and objectives of the post.

How long does it take to write a social media post?

When writing a social media post, it is important to focus on creating a compelling hook that will grab the reader’s attention and engage them in the content. This may take some time to research and refine, as the hook is a critical part of the post and can greatly impact its success.

The content of the post should also be persuasive and provide value to the reader. This may require research and planning to ensure that the post is relevant and informative, and that it aligns with the client’s goals and objectives.

In addition to the content itself, it is also important to include a clear call to action in the post, such as asking the reader to engage with the content or take a specific action. This can take some time to develop and refine, as it requires a clear understanding of the audience and the objectives of the post.

The cost of social media management, whether it’s through hiring in-house or working with an agency, is not a small expense. However, by considering all of the factors involved, including the cost of hiring an in-house team, the cost of tools and benefits, and the expertise and resources provided by an agency, small business owners can make an informed decision about the best option for their needs.

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