How Messenger Bot can Change Your Business Forever

Social media never sleeps! The introduction of a Messenger bot can help change your business forever. Technology keeps amazing us and Messenger bot technology is one tool every business should be getting on board with immediately. In terms of value, Messenger bots are priceless. They can be programmed to carry out a myriad of tasks from improving customer support to boosting your B2C customer database.

What is a Messenger bot?
A messenger bot (sometimes referred to as a chatbot) uses artificial intelligence (AI) to carry out tasks. Think of it as a robotic brain for your Facebook Messenger, or website. They are programmed to carry out automated tasks and reply to messages. With the capabilities of machine learning, they can get even smarter. Crazy isn’t it? We even know of one social media training company, that even taught their bot to tell jokes. You may have already chatted with a bot before even realizing that you did. Facebook uses a program that allows the Messenger Bot to understand the human conversation. The technical term is Natural Language Processing. So not only can bots reply to messages, they can be taught to undertake marketing and sales tasks.

“Using a Messenger Bot has revolutionised the way we do business. Obviously when you’re a boutique marketing agency, you don’t always have the manpower to monitor your messages 24/7., so by using a chat bot, it’s freed me up to concentrate on the daily operations here at Boost Social and catch up on some much needed sleep,” said Managing Director, Elisha Fiorentino.

Here’s an example of Boost Social’s Messenger chatbot.

Isn’t that super cool?!

Should your business be using Messenger Bot?
We can’t stress enough how embracing bot technology can change the way you conduct business forever. For example, let’s say you own a restaurant and you have a Facebook page. When customers message you asking to see the menu, enquire about dietary requirements or book a table, instead of paying an employee or taking precious time away from running your restaurant, a messenger bot can be used to handle these types of task.

In today’s society, we are used to getting things fast –  fast cars, fast food, fast internet and fast answers. What happens when you don’t get answers fast enough? You go somewhere else. Imagine if someone messaged your Facebook page for a restaurant menu and then four days later you finally get a chance to send it to them. Too late. Chances are they’ve found somewhere else and you’ve missed out on potential revenue. Messenger bots can change this.

How is customer service changing?

It’s important to realise that customer service is changing, no one wants to sit in a queue on the phone listening to elevator music for 20 minutes waiting for the next customer service operator. 73% of people prefer to live chat and a Messenger bot is a step in the right direction because it serves up a fast solution

According to Forbes Magazine written in 2018, they predicted 85% of customer-business relationships would be conducted without human interaction. Siri and Google are two good examples of bot-like software. They deliver the results fast and without human interaction. Research has proven some people still prefer the human touch, which is where chatbots have really come into their own. Their style is conversational, so you may not even realise you’re not talking to a person!

For your Facebook network, this can be liberating. No more fretting that if a customer messages you on a Saturday night requesting a consultation that you’ll miss out if you don’t reply. If set up correctly, Facebook Messenger can provide all the answers to FAQs and set up appointments. You can get on with enjoying your Saturday night and gain some sense of freedom without being tied down to your social 24/7. 

Automation is here to stay. Say yes to getting your freedom back! If you don’t have Messenger set up for automation, even in the most basic terms then now is the time to start. Do you think it’s too complicated for you? Or are you unable to decide if you want it for your business or not? Don’t worry! We are here to help. We cover all this in our FREE 30-minute Strategy Session (worth $1000) where we understand your business and give you the best strategy to go forward with.