How Facebook Can Drive More Business

By Managing Director of Boost Social
Elisha Fiorentino

An Influencer Marketing Perspective

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That social media plays an important role in today’s business environment can never be in doubt! From those seemingly ubiquitous like buttons that you see on Facebook to the re-tweet buttons on Twitter, social media gives you the ability to turn a few words into a wave; allowing you to spread the word about your business. Social media is particularly important for businesses that are interested in influencer marketing. What better way of spreading  the word about your business than by hiring the services of a local celebrity that has a million followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter? But how does it all work? How can you use Facebook to grow your business?

  1. Use a Facebook Page to Engage your Customers and Prospects

use Facebook to increase customer engagement

Greater visibility on Facebook can be achieved absolutely free of charge! And here is where you can really harness the power of influencer marketing. But how does this work? Well, the answer lies in creating a Facebook Page. Anyone can create a Page on Facebook. However, for businesses, having one is absolutely essential. It’s also possible for you to give your page greater visibility through celebrity power.  But why are Facebook Pages important?

  • They allow you to keep your existing customers engaged.
  • A page gives you the ability to talk to potential customers.
  • Do it right, and you can use your Facebook Page to create an audience of adoring fans. Having your own fans and followers means that you won’t have to scrounge about when it comes to getting the word out about new products and promotions.
  • Your Facebook Page represents your business on the world’s biggest social networking platform. It’s where people who wish to know about you can get further information.
  • Having a Page gives you a free marketing platform. Let’s say, as an example, that you are an electrician operating in a small town somewhere in Brisbane. What then happens is that people who you have done business with can “Like” you Facebook Page, thus spreading the word about you to their own friends and family!
  1. Harness the power of Facebook Recommendations

turn on Facebook recommendations

Online reviews have really taken off over the past decade or so. That’s not really surprising, considering that up to 80% of people in Australia have faith in online reviews! What most people do not realize is that Facebook is actually the biggest platform as far as online reviews are concerned.

Facebook allows people to rate your business on your Page. The feature, which used to be called Reviews, is now known as Recommendations. Recommendations are available for local pages. So, for our example of an electrician in a small town, having people leave reviews and rate the business on Facebook is really an important way through which to attract new customers.

The recommendations  that you get from people are used to come up with an overall rating which is displayed on your Page. Here is how to turn Facebook Recommendations on and off. And instead of just getting recommendations from anyone, why not get local celebrities to recommend your business?

  1. Advertise on Facebook

Okay, now that we have put aside the free stuff, is there a way through which you can generate even more business by advertising on Facebook? The answer is a massive YES! Indeed, Facebook Ads have grown in popularity over the past few years. Advertising on Facebook comes with a number of advantages;

  • It tends to be cheaper than advertising on other platforms. You can, as an example, get started advertising on Facebook for as little as $10! In this sense, Facebook Ads are cheaper than Google Ads.
  • You can learn how to create your own Facebook Ads. To be frank, this is not something that everyone is going to be able to do, but with a little time and a little patience, you can definitely run your own Facebook Ad campaigns.
  • Facebook gives you precise targeting tools. This ensures that your ads have a higher than normal CTR. On Facebook, you can define your audience using location, demographics, interests and behaviors.
  • Facebook is the world’s biggest social networking platform. It has over 1.3 billion monthly active users as of the time of writing this article. This makes it the place to be for those that wish to grow their businesses by advertising on the platform.
  1. Get influencers in on your Facebook Live streams

use influencers to endorse your Facebook Live feeds

One way through which you can create a hype and grow your business is through the use of Facebook Live. And you can boost the impact of your Facebook live streams a thousand fold through influencer marketing. Let’s assume, as an example, that you are an insurance company somewhere in Darwin and have decided to launch a new product in one form or the other.

You can get the word out there by setting up Facebook Live video streams featuring local celebrities. This gives you the ability to answer any questions that your customers may have. The great thing about Facebook Live is that it’s all pretty informal!

So, you don’t really need to worry about video editing and such! Of course, you need to have a pretty decent webcam and internet connection. Otherwise the whole thing would become rather painful for you and your prospects.

Facebook Live allows you to have real conversations with your followers. This not only increases brand loyalty. You can also create a hype by advertising your Facebook Live session well beforehand.

A final word

So, to the question, is there a way to use Facebook to grow a business in Australia, the answer is, absolutely! We have talked about Facebook Ads and having a vibrant Facebook Page. We have gone further to talk about influencer marketing and how it can be used to boost your visibility on Facebook. We have also talked about Facebook Live and how it can help you create a hype about new product launches. One thing that we have not mentioned is the fact that Facebook Ads tend to be cheaper in Australia when compared to the U.K and the U.S.