Content Is Key! Adobe Research Reveals The Latest Trends Surrounding Content Creation & Organic Media

woman drawing on tablet Latest Adobe research reveals content & organic media are still king in 2023

Adobe has just released its 2023 digital trends report. This year’s edition is the thirteenth report to date. Adobe surveyed over 9000 executives, agency employees, and practitioners surveyed. The data in this report is extremely useful in assisting industry individuals and companies to be prepared for next year’s expectations.

Data for content creation continues to rise

Information from the report states that less than a quarter of brands are delivering high-quality content. This became eye-opening to industry leaders who are now working on rethinking and streamlining their content creation processes. These processes include campaign planning, delivery, data analysis, and content creation. With efficiency and cost reduction being the focus, 25 percent of senior ANZ executives state they have already efficiently optimised their content processes.

History shows that efforts made to accelerate content creation have unfortunately come at a cost of the employee’s time and work balance. The report states that almost half (46%) of ANZ marketing practitioners have cited a lack of time to be creative as the main barrier to delivering excellent customer experiences. Almost half of ANZ marketers say workflow issues remain critical in holding back their organizations.

How you can stay ahead of the curve

Focusing on building a community and engaging with your audience is crucial to developing good brand awareness and creating engaging social media content. Educational and promotional content is very important. However, you don’t want to focus too much on selling. Focus more on how you can continue to provide value and continue to engage your audience and keep them interested.




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