How Baby Beehinds Transformed Their Website and Boosted Sales with Eco-Friendly Elegance


new users


sessions per user


decrease in bounce rate

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About Baby Beehinds

Baby Beehinds is an Australian-based children’s clothing brand, specialising in eco-friendly cloth nappies and cloth-nappy products. Baby Beehinds has been supplying Australian families with cloth nappies for over twenty years, working alongside Australian designers and European manufacturers to ensure the finest quality products for your children.

The Challenge

Baby Beehinds was looking to get a refreshed website that would increase their conversion rate and make the purchase flow easier for customers. Boost Social was given the challenge to create a unique, eye-catching and user-friendly e-commerce website for Baby Beehinds, ensuring that the brand’s eye-catching colours were used and potential customers could easily navigate through all of the products.

The Key Problems

Outdated web design

Outdated website design that didn't reflect the brand's image and failed to engage with customers.

Poor purchase flow

Complicated purchase flow, resulting in low conversion rates.

Poor SEO performance

Poor on-page SEO, with low visibility on search engines, making it difficult for potential customers to find the site.

Slow page loading speed

Slow page speed, leading to a negative user experience and increased bounce rates.

Our Approach

In order to ensure we were able to produce a website that was not only refreshing and visually pleasing but also effective in improving their conversion rate, Boost Social followed the below steps:

Web Design & Optimization Process

With these changes, Boost Social was able to produce a website that was not only visually appealing but also effective in improving Baby Beehinds’ conversion rate.


The Outcome

With the successful launch of the new web page, Baby Beehinds has seen significant improvement in their performance.

+ 25K


25 K

New Users

+ 42K



Sessions per User


Page Views


Decrease in Bounce Rate

Next Steps

With a refreshed and high-performing website now in place, Boost Social is dedicated to supporting Baby Beehinds in their next steps towards growth. This includes utilizing targeted digital advertising strategies such as Google and Meta Ads to:

Our goal is to continuously support Baby Beehinds and help them achieve even greater success in the future.


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